Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just the slickest code I've seen in a while..

I just have to sit here and babble on about some code that I acquired from a comrade in China.

I can't just do an honorable mention, I have to go outright and stand up and shout:

Terry Liu, this is the neatest code I've seen in a long long time (hey, this isn't dog years, this is webMethods years..)

Terry is a webMethods Architect and Lead in our Shanghai Global Development Center and he wrote code that backs up packages.

The code includes DSP interfaces under the packages home page and contains pages so that you can select the packages you wish to backup. Then, you can either run a flow service, or schedule backups whenever necessary. It keeps track of the backups you make and also has an option to push the code offsite to an FTP server.

Nice work!

Integration World 2005

This is a late post to my Blog, but I wanted to note some interesting events surrounding Integration World 2005.

Upon my arrival, I met with Mark Carlson and Chris Linton for dinner. I'd never physically met Chris, so this was an added bonus.

The show reminded me just how small the webMethods community can be. There were probably 700-800 participants at the show. I had no trouble running into a slew of people and/or companies that I worked with:

I met many people from my team here at BearingPoint that I've worked with on the phone or through mail.

From WmUsers:

Mark Carlson (Conneva and wmusers.com)
Chris Linton (DESC)
Michael Rossi (CSC)
Igor Androsov, FCS (Originally met Igor at Integration World 2002)

Companies I worked for/with in the past:
FCS Business Solutions (Employee)
Liason (Formerly Forest Express (Consultant, Employee)

People that I met whom I worked with in the past:

Puneet Bhatnagar, AGCO Corp (I worked for him at Forest Express)
Rick Payton (Knew him at Forest Express)
Jane Britto (Worked with her at Forest Express)
Larry Mieldezis [CTO, Liason] (Worked for him at Forest Express)
Bob Renner (CEO, Liason) (He's the top gun at Liason)
Brad Twynham [CEO, Anatas] (I worked for him in Australia))
Dan Schirf [Solstice Software] (I Worked with him when he was with webMethods)
Chad Hock (CTO, FCS) - Worked for him at FCS.
Mike Tennant (CEO, FCS) - Reported to Mike.

webMethods People that I know from the past:
Doug Sheeran (Worked on 2 projects with him in the past)
Pramod Sachdeva (Worked for him in Montreal)
Jeffrey Weiner (Finally met him in person, worked several accounts for him)
Mark Vachher (He helped me solve problems many times in the past)
Steve McCabe (Spoke to him on the phone, finally met in person)
David Mitchell (Finally met in person)
Nathan Harvey (King of Advantage)
Ajay Barta (Prince of Advantage)
Theo Ezell (EAI/Broker Instructor: The best damn instructor that webMethods has..)

I also met Kevin Iaquinto and Debbie Rosen from the marketing team.

There are many many more but it would take quite a bit of time to list here.

Between working at the show and running down issues with our team, the show itself was pretty good.

BearingPoint had several speaking slots but I couldn't figure out a reasonable topic. Next year I guess.

The show was pretty tame. webMethods rented out part of Turner Field. They gave out balloon rides, had several baseball themed games to play and generally had a pretty good time (this was outside and it was a bit chilly out.)

After a while, they opened the dinner party in Club 755 on top of the baseball field. Too bad ball season was over, it would have been distracting, but interesting to see a game in progress.

Inside the club, they had a really good live band, several "food" stations, a sushi bar, a dessert bar and several plain "bars".

They also had two flavors of Karaoke and some other neat things to do.

After the party, I met up with some old cronies at Gibney's and tossed down a few and passed around old war stories.