Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My 25 minute upgrade.. 6.1 to 6.5.1

I guess I acted like an old woman. First, I installed 6.1, then I installed 6.5, then I uninstalled 6.5 and then installed 6.1. Wow.. then I realized, that it would be more prudent to utilize 6.5.1.

This doesn't make sense unless I detail the time line:

a. Started current project in June 2005. 6.5 was a fairly fresh release.
b. Not all of the components were released, namely workflow, so uninstalled and ramped back to 6.1. No harm done, most work was prelim proof-of-concept. The old workflow is incompatible with the new broker so it was a no-go.
c. Installed 6.1 again in July and have been using it.
d. webMethods finally releases workflow 6.5 and declares it safe for the masses. I make several phone calls to verify the stability of the platform as a whole. Last Friday, I remotely installed the 6.5.1 platform with only a few hiccups. Mostly, my fault. The dev box is currently winblows and it wouldn't allow me to install the new broker on port 6849, so I installed on 6859.

Other than that, the install went cleanly and everything worked. All the 6.1 IS code seamlessly installed with nary a problem.

The platform is getting better and better. If I experience anything out of the ordinary, I'll definitely blog it for your benefit.


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