Monday, March 16, 2009

Too long since I've posted

I know, it seems impossible that I'm actually blogging again. To tell you the truth, I've been huffing and puffing right along continueing the trek of running large integration projects.

To get everyone up to date, here's kind of what happened the last 12 months or so:

1. Quit BearingPoint and went independent; hated to do it, loved BearingPoint. It was a matter of principal.

2. Went to work on the Navy ERP Project in Annapolis; boring work but great pay. Seemed like every week I would run into my "X" MD from BearingPoint in the US Airways lounge at Reagan National. We started a dialogue about work and it eventually gravitated to my next steps.

3. I went back to BearingPoint. Seemed like the timing couldn't be better. The week I left Navy ERP, the team lead quit and they released a bunch of other sub-contractors. I smelled smoke but couldn't find the dang fire.

NOTE: My brother Robert joined me at BearingPoint; He's a TIBCO genius and has served as architect and lead delivery man across multiple industries and the government. He has also sub-contracted for TIBCO.

4. Went to work on the IGC DLA/US TRANSCOM project. Lockheed is the prime and BearingPoint (along with SAIC, DNC and smaller subs) the sub for the ESB team. I head up the ESB (SOA) team with several people scattered about working on various COTS products.

What I do want to do is change this blog to not only reflect the trials and tribulations of a traveling webMethods consultant, but also discuss some of my observations during my travels. I have been commuting back and forth to DC on and off for about eight years and during these weekly treks, I get to meet some real characters.

I have sat next to the CIO of Lockheed Martin (Mr. Joe Cleveland, now retired), the director of Kennedy Space Center, Senator Mel Martinez (many times), a smatering of Lockheed, CSC, SAIC and other "commuter" employees.

I've also made some great acquintances out of the airline flight crews since I see so many of them over and over, we are on first name basis.

So, the tone will change a little, but I hope the content will keep you running back to read more.


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