Monday, April 20, 2009

Deloitte Bound

I wanted to take a moment to discuss my employment situation. Many in the industry recognize or are aware that BearingPoint filed for Bankruptcy protection with the courts in February. Since then, the business has been chugging right along, with business as usual.

A few weeks ago, the company released an email stating that Deloitte had tendered an offer and that we would all need to wait for the court process to play out.

Well, this has played out to the point where many have already received the initial transition emails inviting us to apply to Deloitte.

Yes, I find it rather amusing that we have to resign from BearingPoint in order to obtain the exact same position from Deloitte. Especially since the BearingPoint power brokers have been pushing everyone to maintain the status quo on each project and not freak out and quit. It's the intellectual capital that makes the majority of the projects valuable. To be truthful, there have been some defectors, but I'm still hanging in there with the best of them.

There have been a lot of assurances that our positions would be preserved but mapped over to a corresponding Deloitte position. And of course, compensation would remain the same, etc.

The benefits seem to be the same or a little better depending on your view. They do not appear to support military reservists at the same level as BearingPoint (or Lockheed, SAIC or many others.) I guess Deloitte is not in the top 50 Veteran Friendly Firms like BearingPoint. Perhaps this will change?

In reality, I do not expect anything to change except the origination of my paycheck direct deposit. I hope that everything will be stable until the cooling off period. Probably in six to nine months, I expect some changes to occur once Deloitte has taken the opportunity to observe, review and critique our business, technical and delivery processes.

I am Deloitte bound next and I will report back on this once I am firmly settled.


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