Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blogging is tough work.. an update

I would like to keep this blog updated more often than once per quarter. But, it's truly hard. Perhaps I should invest in a technology that will make it simpler?

In any case, I decided to leave a project early. I normally will never leave a project until it is done, but in this case, I was getting bored.

Without getting into specifics, I was working on a DOD project. It started out innocently enough with the typical architecture tasks but then migrated to a systems/data broker documentation position.

In reality, I spent nine months putting together very intricate architecture documentation.

While it was a great experience, the pace was brisk and I was learning on the fly on a couple of the items.

Positives: learned the DODAF development life cycle and all the documentation that goes with it.
Negatives: didn't code hardly at all. No fun.

Next, I plan to work on another Army project that hopefully will put the virtual tools right into the hands of our warriors who need them the most.


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