Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rental Car Retard

Last week, I wrote about the value of being nice to people. I'd like to extend that message to this weeks activity.

The Avis staff at Washington Reagan have elevated me to a higher level and as a result, I seem to always get upgrades.

I usually order intermediate sized cars so I can get cruise control. The latest contract has me located at Antrax Central, Fort Detrick, MD. This is a one hundred mile round trip per day so I am not happy if I get a big car or SUV.

This week, Avis gave me a pretty large KIA SUV. I went in and asked for something else. They gave me a Pontiac G6. When I went to find the G6, it wasn't in the space indicated and the space had another SUV.

I went back and Avis gave me a PT Cruiser with Cruise control. I loaded everything up and started to drive out and the steering column made a really strange noise. So, I returned it and asked for another car (yes, my fourth trip back.)

The entire time, I was very polite and courteous. (So unlike me, eh?)

I saw a very small car (turned out to be a compact car). It was a Hyundai Accent. So, Avis gave me this car and reminded me to leave the keys for the PT Cruiser in the PT Cruiser.

I opened the trunk of the Hyundai to move my bags from the PT Cruiser. Then, I put the keys in the PT Cruiser and closed the door. That's when the doors locked automatically in the PT Cruiser with my luggage inside.

So, I'm sitting at the rental location with a new car and the old car has my luggage hostage. I go back to the counter for the fifth time and tell them the story and tell them to laugh. That's all we can do.

Well, the counter lady said that they may be able to cut a key on the spot. So, they called around on the radio and someone came by but said we couldn't cut a key and I would have to wait. Then, this other guy came with a long piece of Aluminum and in about five minutes, had broken into the car and opened it up.

I moved my luggage to the Hyundai and took off. My flight arrived at 8pm. My luggage took 45 minutes to get from the plane to baggage retrieval. It took me about 90 minutes to get my car.

But, at least I was able to get a good car.

I used this car to go to work in. I also used it to get some materials for my condo project. I was able to pick up sinks, six foot counter tops, and 7-1/2 foot plenum strips. It's amazing just how much room this car has.

Until next time.


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