Tuesday, November 23, 2004

webMethods Stock Change (for the worse? or for the better?)

I dunno if anyone noticed, but webMethods missed filing their quarterly report, so the powers-to-be behind the NASDAQ issued them a delisting notice.

Their stock symbol has changed to "webme" and has lost a bit of value since the November 17 action.

According to my sources at webMethods, this has to do with some numbers that were improperly reported by an overseas "reseller". webMethods has not made a specific statement other than to say that they delayed the filing of it's quarterly report because it was auditing one of it's international units.

It's nice to see that they are taking the time to "correctly" work through any accounting difficulties.

I am still bullish on webMethods and love to work on the product.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that webMethods gets through this so they can concentrate on bigger and better things.


Blogger Jordan Braunstein said...

the new symbol has really screwed up the yahoo message board, which is apparently no longer available.

2:06 PM EST  

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