Monday, April 06, 2009

Deloitte or Bust? What is it anyway?

If we had a water cooler to huddle around to discuss the pending Deloitte acquisition of BearingPoint's public services "crown jewel" then you would probably hear things like:

1. When will it actually take place?
2. Will I get the same rate of pay?
3. Do I get to keep my laptop?
4. Blah, blah blah, ad nauseum.

I am not worried about the transfer to Deloitte as much as I am concerned with the difference in culture that exists between Deloitte and BearingPoint.

Those who have worked with BearingPoint personnel often comment about the dedication we have to our customers in addition to the serious tone that we place on work/life balance. It is one of the main themes that have differentiated BearingPoint from our competitors.

And of course, the inability to keep our financials in check; but hey, who's counting right?

Deloitte is a purely an accounting firm that has branched out into the consulting world. This is not the first time they have acquired other companies but I believe that this is the biggest move they have made in this area.

But, back to the culture shock theory. I listen to the questions being asked by many of the people in internal conference calls, and it tells me that:

1. These folks are running scared.
2. They probably have not experienced as many layoffs as I have.
3. They do not know what is around the corner and have no way to speculate or form any kind of vision.

That's too bad. Our folks will have to work very hard in the beginning to earn the trust of our new bosses. That's very simple. We need to just continue to perform in the manner in which we are accustomed to performing and there will be no issues.

On the other hand, if you KNOW you are dead wood, then I would start chopping my way out of the lair now.


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