Thursday, September 15, 2005

Read about Integration's New Strategy in CIO Magazine

I wrote a blog piece a few weeks ago about becoming an architect. One of the things I spoke about was getting the "free" magazines.

CIO magazine has a great article on Integration's New Strategy. I think it's odd because it's things that we've been doing all along.

It's still a good read because the sidebar gives a pretty good overview of the maturity of Integration as a technology.

Here's the link:

Integration's New Strategy - CIO Magazine

I do need to point out the sidebar titled, "The Problem with Web Services: Can you trust your company's critical transactions to a medium as unreliable as the web?"

It didn't talk about Service Net from webMethods which provides a methodology to combat unresponsive or unavailable web services.

The smell of rotten seafood was overwhelming..

I'm not talking about New Orleans, where this is also the case. I'm talking about my house in Florida.

I decided to visit Atlanta for Labor day weekend, bypassing my usual weekend trip home.

So, after two weeks on the road, I arrived home to find that my refrigerator/freezer was broken. It turns out that it was forever stuck in defrost mode.

I lost about $300.00 worth of food and the repairs were about $250.00.

It's kind of funny because I never expected to have to deal with this kind of thing so I wasn't prepared to clean out the fridge. It took 3 large garbage bags to contain all of the bad stuff.

One tidbit to note: Get two large bowls and fill them both half-way with Armour Hammond baking soda. Put one in the freezer and one in the fridge to get rid of the bad smells. It took about 3 days to remove all of the evil odors.