Thursday, December 16, 2004

Wireless Broadband Update

It's been a while since I've commented on my Verizon Broadband Access.

I've been using it since October mainly because the client will not allow consultant laptops to connect to their LAN.

Overall, the Verizon experience has been good. There are times when Broadband Access is available but the client would only connect to National Access, which is the slower 1xRXX service that operates at 60-80kbs.

I've enclosed a screenshot of my download speed during a recent software download. It was about 1.3mbs.

The service became very important several weeks ago when my client insisted that they had not received my invoice for payment. I was able to logon and resend the invoice during an airport stop which kept cash flowing.

At $80/month, it seemed a bit steep in the beginning, but I can use this card almost anywhere. I've used it so far in Washington DC, Fairfax, VA, Atlanta GA, Cinncinnati, OH, and in Orlando, FL.

I highly recommend the service to anyone.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Business is Booming - Who could know?

I'm getting excited about future expansion prospects for my company.

I've met with several companies that all have needs or requirements that are not openly posted. I guess it pays to maintain a network!

The next step is to evaluate the difference between bringing on employees or subcontractors from not only the cost perspective, but the customer management perspective. Subcontractors seemingly are harder to control, but perhaps I'm wrong.