Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back, Back, Back into the USAR...

Like the Beatles toon, back in the USSR, I'm back in the USAR. Instead of great guitar, all I can hear is bugles.

Let me explain.

I entered the Army Reserves (hence, U.S. Army Reserves, or USAR) when I was 17 to garner money for college.

While all my friends went off to college, I went to basic training and then onward to 50 weeks of Russian language training and another 20 weeks of SIGINT training.

I spent the better parts of my life attending weekend drill assemblies and spending many summers serving my country.

In 1998, I left the reserves (entered into the Inactive Ready Reserves, or IRR) to pursue a job in NYC. Alas, the job in NYC fell through and I was able to enjoy weekends for many many years.

Through the 90's I volunteered for every major event that our great country got involved in. The government activated me (at my request) for Bosnia but stood me down the day before I was to leave. This turned out to be quite fortuitous, as I was unemployed because I left my job to go to Bosnia for a 1-2 year stint. As a result, I began my high-tech career working for an Internet Startup firm which eventually led me to my current position with BearingPoint.

So, I am 41 years old, I have 23 total years of service, but only 16 count towards retirement.

I have recently joined up with a new Military Intelligence Unit in Orlando and am excited to be part of the big picture once again.

The significance of this post is that the position requires that I undergo the ordeal of applying for, interviewing and hopefully obtaining approval for a security clearance.